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Dog Daycare Consulting, Staff Training & Seminars

Complete education  for  dog day care professionals

in the specialized area of group dog  behavior unique to doggie daycare


The responsibilities of doggy day cares are tremendous - when at your facility the dogs' future lives are in your hands. You are shaping the dogs' social behavior and the experiences they have today affect the dogs' eye view and shapes their behaviors of tomorrow.


Experiencing first hand the responsibility dog daycare facilities undertake and the impact they have on adolescent dogs and puppies, Nana does seminars, consulting and staff training for doggie daycare facilities around the country. Known for her extensive video footage,  humor in presenting, her seminars are not only practical and exceedingly informative but lively and interactive too!


My home in its entirety was lost in the Fourmile Fire on Labor 2010

2011 Beyond The Leash Seminars with be rescheduled soon. Please check back. Thank You.


Register Online Now  for  Dog Day Care: Beyond The Leash Seminar on date to be announced

Dog Day Care: Beyond The Leash is the most concise, in-depth two-day hands-on seminar to focus solely on dog behavior addressing all aspects relating to the dog daycare field.  13 CEU credit hours from CCPDT


Nana is dedicated to providing dog daycare workers with the most comprehensive education in the field specializing in the area of group dog behavior. From a unique perspective of counseling aggression cases for years and dealing with the ramifications of dogs who were under the age of three that had some sort of incident, an event traumatic or not, were attack or bitten by another dog that then became aggressive themselves as a result.  No matter what we think, whatever it is that happens to the dog, it is always from the dog's eye view – not ours. Focusing on Dog Behavior, Pack Dynamics and Staff Education, using effective techniques and dog-friendly methods promotes appropriate social behavior, prevents the creation of bullies and stops perpetuating the cycle of aggression. 


For information about visiting your facility or hosting a seminar please contact Nana at 303.442. 6690 or send an email to: nanawill@adogseyeview.net

Dog Daycare Seminars

Host a one, two or three day seminar for an audience of any size, choose a topic or any combination of the topics, add in a hands-on workshop for limited number of participants, combine it all with a day or two after for in-house training and consulting just for your facility.  Any variation - your options are many.  Credit hours from CCPDT applied for on individual basis due to the flexibility of options and depends on length of seminar, choice of topics and hours covered, the exception is the Dog Day Care: Beyond The Leash Two-day Seminar  which is approved for 13 credit hours from CCPDT.

Canine Behavior & Communication — understanding how dogs communicate – the intricacies of the canine communication system; recognize body postures, calming signals, signs of friendliness, arousal, stress, fear and aggression. Learn what one dog is saying to another – a comparison of behaviors that are used to invite and minimize interactions. The influence of social facilitation and hierarchies has on the dynamics and relationships within a pack.

Meet & Greet —  set up a screening process, discuss logistical pros and cons, evaluating greeting rituals and behaviors, the 'how to' of introducing a new dog into the pack smoothly and lots more!  Learn what signals to watch for,  when to be concerned and how to handle it.

Dynamics of Play and the Group — understanding play behavior, play styles, arousal & aggression, minimize negative interactions between pack members, identify warning signals to prevent incidents, setting up a safe environment, selecting dogs for play groups, evaluating and managing the play.

Managing Your Dogs —  learn how you can make the most out of your interactions with your dogs.  Understand how your behavior influences the behavior of the dogs.  Become more effective in your communication.  Learn strategies and techniques to effectively manage your dogs and how to get them to do or to stop doing something.  Evaluate and problem solve - understand why things work and why they don't.

Hands-On Workshops — offer attendees of your seminar the option of spending an additional morning or afternoon session observing behaviors and practicing the techniques presented in the seminar. Provide a hands-on workshop at your facility the following day for a limited number of participants.

Dog Day Care: Beyond The Leash  — host the most concise, in-depth two-day seminar to focus solely on dog behavior, pack dynamics, staff education, addressing all aspects relating to the unique environment in dog daycare. Incorporating all of the above topics and more! Limited to 12 participants. 13 CEU credit hours from CCPDT

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 Dog Daycare Consulting & Staff Training

Whether just starting out and opening a doggy daycare, been in the business and needing to fine-tune aspects in your facility or wanting to bring your dog care staff to a high level of expertise efficiently and effectively and provide a comprehensive training program for new employees success, Nana has a unique ability to tailor to your specific needs. She is known for her flexibility and ability to modify, accommodating her clients’ needs working realistically within clients’ parameters to ensure their success within her programs.  Outline your needs and goals and she can design a program so you can achieve them.

Dog Daycare Staff Training Development — from start to finish or adding to your existing program.

In-House Staff Training Seminar Workshop conveniently held at your facility — easy for all to attend.

Video Footage of Your Pack can be taken and reviewed — see exactly what your dogs are saying to each other

Dog Daycare Consulting at your facility addressing hands-on your individual concerns, questions, needs and specific situations.

Consulting via Phone  —  get your questions answered today. Fee: $80.00 per hour and can be purchased by the hour or in 15 minute increments by clicking on Purchase & Pay. To schedule your appointment please call 303.442.6690 or send an email to nanawill@adogseyeview.net.

Dog Day Care: Beyond The Leash In-House Seminar  — increase the knowledge of your dog daycare staff bringing them to a higher level of understanding dog behavior than ever before, train new entry-level dog daycare employees providing them the necessary skills needed to manage the dogs like a pro quickly. Bring the most concise, in-depth two-day hands-on seminar to focus solely on dog behavior, pack dynamics, staff education, addressing all aspects relating to the unique environment in dog daycare to your facility. 13 CEU credit hours from CCPDT

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