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One on One Training

Private Lessons, Behavior Counseling & Phone Consults


Do you have a problem with your dog jumping on guests at the front door, toileting in the wrong location, not coming when called, barking more than you would like, showing signs of separation anxiety,  displaying fearful or aggressive behaviors?

One on one training maybe the way you want to go. Tailored to your individual needs, whether you want to teach your dog polite manners or need serious aggression issues addressed.

Private Lessons: want to get your puppy off to the right start, frustrated with adolescence (add more lessons), want help with teaching your dog basic manners or need help solving common behavior problems such as jumping, house training or chewing. A lesson or two will get you off and running. There is a profile questionnaire  to be filled out and returned prior to meeting - this allows us to get right down to the business at hand at the start of the appointment.

Behavior Counseling: concerned about your dog's behavior, not really sure on what to do. Many behavior problems such as  aggression, fears, phobias, intensive barking, house soiling and anxiety are much more complex and required specific treatment plans. The session gives you the tools to get started and provides you with an individualized treatment plan to implement using strategies, techniques, protocols and management options based on the scientific principles of operant and classical conditioning.  There is an extensive behavior profile to fill out and return prior to meeting helping to assess your dog and the situation - this makes for a much more effective and efficient appointment as valuable time does not need to be spent gathering the information when first meeting. To get the most from your appointment it is best if Nana receives the profile at least a few days in advanced giving her the necessary time to review it.

Phone Consults: can't wait, need information right now, your schedule crazy - get your questions and concerns addressed over the phone. Not all - but many behavior issues can be treated successfully by phone.

For appointment times, cost or more information please contact Nana at 303.442.6690 or send an email to: nanawill@adogseyeview.net

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