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Changing your dog's behavior requires an understanding of how dogs learn, operate and communicate, in addition to identifying their individual needs and developing acceptable and cooperative ways to satisfy them. A 'Dog's Eye View' will teach you the necessary skills needed to achieve this.

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Dedicated to strengthening relationships between families and dogs by providing a sound education, a 'Dog's Eye View' blends ethology, dogs' natural instincts, scientific principles, the laws of learning with love, affection, and play creating communication dogs naturally understand and willingly respond to.

   "Much like the law of gravity, the laws of learning are always in effect. Thus the question is not whether to use the laws of learning, but rather how to use them effectively"  Spreat & Spreat, Learning Principles.    

A 'Dog's Eye View' emphasis is to focus on what you want your dog to do and teach the desired behavior - not just on what you want your dog to stop doing. Would you like to have a dog who is quiet or do you want your dog to stop barking?  There is a difference. If this is wrong - what is right... we must fill the void.

Establishing good behavior happens all throughout the day - not just in a training session. Even when we are not actively training our dogs, they are still learning - though the things our dogs are learning may not necessarily be beneficial. Since every interaction counts, take advantage - get the 'most bang for your buck' and learn how to make the most out of your interactions with your dogs and pups.

A 'Dog's Eye View' is highly a reward-based method of training incorporating the scientific principles of operant and classical conditioning with the study of animal behavior in domesticated dogs, wild canines, wolves and other species to promote an appreciation, mutual respect and trust that works both ways - equally between guardians and their dogs.  The results: dogs with the desire and willingness to comply and happy guardians with a sound education.

Having a deep appreciation of the dog, committed to improving the relationship between people and dogs as well as enhancing the dog's life and well-being, Nana & a 'Dog's Eye View' invites you to join in celebrating the nature of the dog's spirit and respecting dogs as sentient beings and our faithful friends .

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A tiny bit of Science:

From the late 1880's studies of Ivan Pavlov and the drooling dogs, Classical Conditioning is where a dog learns about the relationship between events occurring - internal responses are affected. Associations are formed - first this happens, then that happens and over time 'this' becomes a predictor 'that' is about to happen.

You can change your dog's behavior by forming associations or by changing and making new association between events.

Associations can be formed multiple ways:

A 'neutral' thing, which has no relevance, paired over time with something that does have meaning will eventually take on the same meaning as what it was paired with:

-   If it is paired with something 'good' - the neutral thing will mean good things.

-   If it was paired with something 'bad' - the neutral thing will mean bad things.

Things that do already have meaning can be changed to mean something else by pairing it with another thing that has a different meaning.  This is referred to as Counterconditioning - changing the association:

-   A bad thing paired over time with a good thing eventually will mean good things.

-   A good thing paired over time with a bad thing eventually will mean bad things.

Nature abhors a dichotomy  -  Operant and Classical Conditioning  are intertwined. There is a continuum of behavior  just as there are varying degrees of temperature between hot and cold, and as there are varying shades of gray between black and white.

From the 1930's studies of B.F Skinner and the "ABC's" of behavior (antecedents, behavior and consequences), Operant Conditioning is where a dog learns  about the relationship between his/her behavior and its consequences. An external source - the dog is 'operating 'on the environment - the dog's actions have an effect. The dog makes the connection that his/her behavior can cause something to happen.

You can change your dog's behavior by controlling the consequences (things that happen immediately after the behavior) and/or by changing the antecedents (things that happen right before the behavior).

Thorndike's Law of Effect:

-   If a consequence is pleasant, the behavior is more likely to occur in the future

-   If a consequence is unpleasant, the behavior is less likely to occur in the future

Consequences of Behavior are either Reinforced, Not Reinforced, or Punished:

-   Reinforcement (R) increases behavior

-   Punishment (P) decreases behavior

-   Extinction (Not Reinforced) weakens behavior

Note: Positive (+) and Negative (-) are seen from a mathematical standpoint of adding or subtracting/taking away

-   Positive Reinforcement  (R+) : adding a reward 

-   Negative Reinforcement  (R-) : subtracting/taking away an aversive

-   Positive Punishment  (P+) : adding an aversive

-   Negative Punishment  (P-) : subtracting/taking away a reward

-   Extinction : a previously reinforced behavior no longer receives reinforcement of any kind

*   Note: self-reinforcing behaviors will not extinguish 

From a Dog's Eye View:

R+ :  the dog receives something it seeks = the reward

R-  :  the dog receives relief from avoiding something it dislikes = the aversive

P+ :  the dog wants to stop and escape from something it dislikes = the aversive

P-  :  the dog seeks to get something back that was taken away = the reward

Extinction : no results occur from the dog's actions = the dog gets nothing


Although, we do not have a choice in whether we want to use Operant Conditioning or not (it is happening and we are using it - even though we may not realize exactly how) - we do have choices in which ones we choose to use and in our application - how well we learn to apply them correctly.

These are the choices:

Reinforcement is used to increase a behavior / teach a new one

We have two choices : 

1.   Use a reward  (R+)  

2.   Remove the aversive  (R-)

Punishment/Extinction are used to decrease a behavior / to try and stop it

We have three choices:

1.   Use an aversive  (P+) 

2.   Remove the reward  (P- )

3.   Stop reinforcing the dog  (Extinction)


Another way to define it:

Reward-based training:

Adding (R+) & Removing (P-) of rewards or receives no rewards (Extinction)


Corrective-based training:

Adding (P+) & Removing (R-) an aversive

There is a continuum within the use of rewards (low to high value) & within the uses of aversives (mild to abusive).


An alternative to punishing your dog and corrective-based training,  a 'Dog's Eye View' recommends reward-based training, management, relationship education and encourages you to use positive reinforcement (R+) approaches in getting rid of unwanted behavior:

-   Put the focus on what you want your dog to do (not on what you want your dog to stop doing)

-   Use positive reinforcement (R+) to reward all of your dog's good behavior - however small

-   Teach a new replacement behavior using positive reinforcement (R+)

-   Use positive reinforcement (R+) to reward the absence of the unwanted behavior

-   Change the underlying cause/motivation using  positive reinforcement (R+) & Classical Conditioning Techniques

 to help your dog overcome need to display the behavior


The choice is yours. 


For your dog's sake and yours too,  please choose wisely.  We thank you.


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